Learn About The Benefits And Types Of Hurricane Shutters

Panel Hurricane Shutters

Value: Hurricane Storm Panels are approved by Florida building code to meet and exceed wind load and impact testing for window glazings and openings. The benefits of storm panels over plywood are the panels are precisely cut to the exact size and have the cutouts for hardware pre-cut and are numbered for the specific window. Hardware is installed professionally with a variety of different hardware depending on the substrate. All of our hardware is also rust resistant or stainless steel. This makes installation much easier than plywood. The panels are 15" wide with 12" or 12.5" bolt to bolt spacing. So you can carry what feels comfortable.

Hurricane panels can be installed by one person or a team. All insurance companies are giving discounts for homes with storm panels. Our panels have a Florida approved product label stamped into the panel for home inspections and wind mitigation inspections.

​Materials used to manufacture the panels are: galvanized steel panels, aluminum panels, and polycarbonate panels. The materials are slightly different in weight with the aluminum panels being the lightest, polycarbonate (most expensive) also being very light, and the galvanized steel being the heaviest but also the least expensive.

Optional track systems: include h-tracks and f-tracks and can make the installation ladder free in most cases.

All of our panel installations include a map and instructions on how to attach and maintain your hurricane shutters. Warranty is 10 years on installation.

​We also offer strap and buckle fabric systems that are removable and can be deployed very similar to hurricane panels without the weight. These fabrics are good for large openings.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion shutters are one of the easiest to use permanently attached shutters. They are designed to be pulled close and locked with either a keyed lock or a latch lock. Accordion shutters can be unlocked from the inside which makes the 2nd and 3rd floor shutter closure ladder free. Their compact design makes them able to be attached in a variety of windows and entry-ways. Due to the simplicity of the design the accordion shutter is also not that expensive. Our accordion shutters are powder coated from the factory and are tested to meet all Florida building and insurance requirements for protection for windows and rooms. They also come in 4 colors to match most home paint schemes white, beige, ivory, and bronze.

Accordion shutters are a good option or upgrade from storm panels because the shutters can be locked up in a few minutes.

Maintenance: we tell our customers to keep the shutters cleaned and lubricate the locks and wheel carriages. Once a year when you prepare your hurricane preparedness plan. It's not a bad idea to wash the accordion shutters off with fresh water or power wash them and clean the tracks with the freshwater. If the accordion shutters are installed directly on the beach this needs to be done more often like twice a year to rinse the salt off of them. We also provide a maintenance program that will ensure the smooth operation of your accordion shutters. Accordion shutters do create a boxed frame that is good for most square windows and doors. On more architectured homes with arched windows and custom window shapes sometimes the accordion shutter will take away from the intended look of the house. The accordion shutters usually are installed on the wall and completely cover the windows. In certain situations the accordion shutter can be mounted in frame to reduce the appearance of the shutter and help your home keep its look.

Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll down shutters and screens are one of the best shutters ever made if you like ease of use and long term reliability. These shutters are more expensive due to the design. We have some of the heaviest duty roll down shutters in the industry and we can automate them to work with remote control and home automation systems like alexa and google. We also have lighter duty shutters for small windows and doors. One of the biggest advantages of the roll down shutter is the shutter is contained in a housing that keeps the shutters out of the elements. Another advantage is the optional electric motor that powers the shutters up and down with ease. On large entry ways and rooms with open walls these shutters can provide storm protection and security to the whole room. Security roll down shutters are also good at keeping thieves out and merchandise safe.

Materials used are aluminum double wall extrusions, polypropylene textiles, polycarbonate view ports, and some kevlar materials. One of our most popular rolling shutters is the 58mm double wall aluminum shutter with end retention. We can span 24 feet with no bracing in between our tracks on screen roll downs and aluminum. We have some shutters with smaller housings to fit into tight areas and to not overbear their presence.

​These roll down shutters are all up to date with insurance and Florida building code regulations for retractable walls with the ability to withstand violent hurricane force winds. They can also make your space more useful for privacy, storage room, sun shade, bug shield, and security. With 20 years installing these shutters and hundreds of installations under our belt we can find a good fit for your home using our roll downs shutters.

​Maintenance of the roll down shutter is just like the accordions. They need to be rinsed off and possibly power washed or scrubbed to keep dirt and debris from interfering with operation. If the shutters are installed on the coast line maintenance is more necessary to keep salt from causing problems with the metals. We only used stainless and aluminum for our installations to help prevent the problems the salt water can cause but that is not enough in these coastal areas maintenance is essential for long term durability.

Bahama and Bermuda Shutters

Bahama and bermuda style shutters are one the favorites to add to a home to give the home some definition or pop. The reason for this is they add curb appeal with their powder coated paint finish. These shutters, while easy to operate fairly effortlessly, are one of the most expensive shutters. For this reason it is not always economical to put them on an entire house. I like to put these on the front of the house where your neighbors can see them. These shutters can also be used to strictly bring some aesthetic pop to your home using them as valence shutters they can suspend above your window creating a piece to keep the sun light down. This usually creates a pleasing visual appearance of color, privacy, security and sun shade. We use a powder coat color palette called RAL that can usually get you the color you want. Our bahama and colonial shutters are tested for Florida building code and insurance requirements for impact and debris protection. We have several different choices of louvers and designs.

​Maintenance is fairly simple fresh water and some lubricant to all threaded pieces on the retractable arms and clean dirt and debris from shutters once a year. In coastal areas more often is a good idea to keep the salt off the paint.